bolt specs

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bolt specs

Post by RTW0223 on Wed May 23, 2012 8:48 pm

I am curious as to whether or not there is a PDF/document/database in existence that contains the type of bolt used everywhere on the 87-93 fox bodies, as well as torque specifications. Also with this information I'd like to know the bolts/specs used in different applications (i.e. trick flow twisted wedge heads vs. gt40 heads...) I feel like this is some really good information, especially when i, or anyone else, goes to rebuild the car from the ground up.

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Re: bolt specs

Post by LXStangFiveOh on Wed May 23, 2012 9:51 pm

My guess is a Ford service manual. You may find bits and pieces on that information here and there online.

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Re: bolt specs

Post by RTW0223 on Wed May 23, 2012 10:42 pm

This information courtesy of: .

5.0L Torque Specs:

Belhousing to engine bolts 28-38 ft/lbs
Camshaft sprocket bolt 40-45 ft/lbs
Camshaft thrust plate to engine block bolts 108-144 in/lbs
Crankshaft pulley to vibration damper bolts 35-50 ft/lbs
Cylinder head bolts
--Step 1 55-65 ft/lbs
--Step 2 65-72 ft/lbs
--Step 1 25-35 ft/lbs
--Step 2 45-55 ft/lbs
--Step 3 75-85 ft/lbs
Differential shaft lock bolt 15-30 ft/lbs
Driveshaft U-joint to pinion flange bolts 70-95 ft/lbs
Exhaust manifold bolts 26-32 ft/lbs
Flywheel mounting bolts 75-85 ft/lbs
Front engine mount nuts 72-98 ft/lbs
Intake manifold to head bolts
--Step 1 96 in/lbs
--Step 2 16ft/lbs
--Step 3 23-25 ft/lbs
Intake manifold (upper intake to lower) 12-18 ft/lbs
Oil filter insert to engine block adapter bolt 20-30 ft/lbs
Oil pan mounting bolts
--Step 1 (Large bolts) 11-13 ft/lbs
--Step 1 (Short bolts) 7-9 ft/lbs
--Step 2 (Large Bolts) 15-17 ft/lbs
--Step 2 (Short Bolts) 10-12 ft/lbs
-1980 to 1987 9-11 ft/lbs
-1988 to 1993 6-9 ft/lbs
-1994-up 110-144 in/lbs
Oil pickup tube to main bearing cap nut 22-32 ft/lbs
Oil pickup tube to oil pump bolts
-1979 to 1987 10-15 ft/lbs
-1988-up 12-18 ft/lbs
Oil pump mounting bolts 22-32 ft/lbs
Pinion bearing preload 8-14 in/lbs
Pressure plate to flywheel bolts 12-24 ft/lbs
Rocker arm fulcrm bolts 18-25 ft/lbs
Spark plugs 7-14 ft/lbs
Timing chain cover bolts 12-18 ft/lbs
Vibration damper to crackshaft bolt 110-130 ft/lbs
Wheel lug nuts 85-105 ft/lbs

Engine Torque specs - Ford Mustang 1994-98

5.0L V8
Component Torque
Camshaft Sprocket Bolt 40-45 ft. lbs.
Camshaft Thrust Plate Bolts 108-144 inch lbs.
Crankshaft Pulley-to-Vibration Damper Bolts 35-50 ft. lbs.
Cylinder Head Bolts Step 1 25-35 ft. lbs.
Step 2 45-55 ft. lbs.
Step 3 NOTE
Exhaust Manifold Bolts 26-32 ft. lbs.
Flywheel/Driveplate Mounting Bolts 75-85 ft. lbs.
Front Engine Mounting Bolts 72-98 ft. lbs.
Intake Manifold Bolts Step 1 96 inch lbs.
Step 2 16 ft. lbs.
Step 3 23-25 ft. lbs.
Main Bearing Cap Bolts 60-70 ft. lbs.
Oil Filter Insert-to-Engine Adapter Bolt 20-30 ft. lbs.
Oil Pan Mounting Bolts 110-144 inch lbs.
Oil Pick-up Tube-to-Main Bearing Cap Nut 22-32 ft. lbs.
Oil Pick-up Tube-to-Oil Pump Bolts 12-18 ft. lbs.
Oil Pump Mounting Bolts 22-32 ft. lbs.
Rocker Arm Fulcrum Bolts 18-25 ft. lbs.
Rod Bearing Cap Nuts 19-24 ft. lbs.
Thermostat Housing-to-Engine Bolts 12-18 ft. lbs.
Timing Chain Cover Bolts 12-18 ft. lbs.
Water Pump Bolts 15-21 ft. lbs.
Water Pump Pulley-to-Water Pump Bolts/Nuts 15-21 ft. lbs.

'86 Mustang Torque Specifications

Front Suspension
Lower Arm to No. 2 Crossmember 110-150 Lbs.-Ft.
Stabilizer Bar Mounting Clamp to Bracket 20-25 Lbs.-Ft.
Stabilizer Bar to Lower Arm 140-200 Lbs.-Ft.
Spindle to Shock Strut 140-200 Lbs.-Ft.
Shock Strut to Upper Mount (1 Nut) 55-92 Lbs.-Ft.
Ball Joint to Spindle 100-120 Lbs.-Ft.
Shock Upper Mount to Body (3 Nuts) 62-75 Lbs.-Ft.
Steering Gear to No. 2 Crossmember 90-100 Lbs.-Ft.
Tie Rod End to spindle 35-47 Lbs.-Ft.
Wheel Bearing Adjust Nut (Seating) 17-25 Lbs.-Ft.
Wheel Bearing Adjust Nut (Adjustment) 10-12 Lbs.-In.
Lug Nuts 80-105 Lbs.-Ft.

Rear Suspension
Shock Absorber (Upper Attachment) 17-27 Lbs.-Ft.
Upper Arm to Frame - Bolt 100-105 Lbs.-Ft.
Upper Arm to Axle - Bolt 90-100 Lbs.-Ft.
Shock Absorber (Lower attachment) 55-70 Lbs.-Ft.
Lower Arm to Frame - Bolt 100-105 Lbs.-Ft.
Lower Arm to Axle - Bolt 90-100 Lbs.-Ft.
Stabilizer Bar to Lower Arm 45-50 Lbs.-Ft.
Quad Shock to Frame Bracket 45-60 Lbs.-Ft.
Quad Shock to Axle 55-70 Lbs.-Ft.

Master Cylinder to Booster 13-25 Lbs.-Ft.
Booster to Dash Panel 13-25 Lbs.-Ft.
Pressure Differential Valve 7-11 Lbs.-Ft.
Wheel Cylinder Bleeder Screw 32-65 Lbs.-In.
Caliper Bleeder Screw 6-15 Lbs.-Ft.
Brake Hose Connection to Caliper 20-30 Lbs.-Ft.
Brake Line Connection to Rear Axle 12-19 Lbs.-Ft.
Brake Pedal Pivot Shaft Nut 10-20 Lbs.-Ft.
Caliper locating Pins 30-40 Lbs.-Ft.
Splash Shield Mounting Bolts 9-14 Lbs.-Ft.
Wheel Cylinder to Backing Plate Screws 9-13 Lbs.-Ft.
Rear Brake Backing Plate to Axle Housing 20-40 Lbs.-Ft.
Wheel to Hub and Drum 70-115 Lbs.-Ft.
Parking Brake Control Assembly 10-16 Lbs.-Ft.
Driveshaft To Axle Companion Flange Bolts 70-95 Lbs.-Ft.
Bellhousing to Engine 28-38 Lbs.-Ft.
Pressure Plate to Flywheel bolt 12-24 Lbs.-Ft.

Alternator Bracket to Block bolt 12-18 Lbs.-Ft.
Alternator Adjustment Arm to Block bolt 12-18 Lbs.-Ft.
Alternator Adjustment Arm to Alt. adj bolt 24-40 Lbs.-Ft.
Camshaft Sprocket gear to Camshaft bolt 40-45 Lbs.-Ft.
Camshaft Thrust Plate to Block bolt 9-12 Lbs.-Ft.
Connecting Rod nut -- 5.0L 19-24 Lbs.-Ft.
Cylinder Front Cover bolt 12-18 Lbs.-Ft.
Cylinder Head bolt (first step) 55-65 Lbs.-Ft.
Cylinder Head bolt (second step) 65-72 Lbs.-Ft.
Damper to Crankshaft bolt 70-90 Lbs.-Ft.
Distributor Hold down bolt 18-26 Lbs.-Ft.
EGR Valve to Spacer Intake Manifold 12-18 Lbs.-Ft.

Exhaust Manifold to Cylinder Head bolt 18-24 Lbs.-Ft.

Fan to Water Pump hub bolt 12-18 Lbs.-Ft.

Flywheel to crankshaft bolt 75-85 Lbs.-Ft.

Intake Manifold to Cylinder Head 23-25 Lbs.-Ft.

Main Bearing Cap -- bolt 5.0L 60-70 Lbs.-Ft.

Oil filter insert to Block adapter bolt 20-30 Lbs.-Ft.

Oil Pan Drain Plug 15-25 Lbs.-Ft.

Oil Pan to Block - bolt 9-11 Lbs.-Ft.

Oil Pump to Block - bolt 22-32 Lbs.-Ft.

Oil Inlet Tube to main Bearing Cap - nut 22-32 Lbs.-Ft.

Pulley to Damper Bolt 35-50 Lbs.-Ft.

Rocker arm Fulcrum Bolt to Cylinder Head 18-25 Lbs.-Ft.

Spark Plug to Cylinder Head 10-15 Lbs.-Ft.

Thermactor Pump Bracket to Block bolt 30-45 Lbs.-Ft.

Thermactor Pump Pivot bolt 22-32 Lbs.-Ft.

Thermactor Pump Adjustment Arm to Pump 22-32 Lbs.-Ft.

Thermactor Pump Pulley to Pump Hub 130-180 Lbs.-In.

Valve Cover bolts 3-5 Lbs.-Ft.

Vacuum Fitting/Plugs to Intake Manifold 6-10 Lbs.-Ft.

w/ Teflon Tape

Water Outlet Housing Bolt 9-12 Lbs.-Ft.

Water Pump to Block Front Cover bolt 12-18 Lbs.-Ft.

Upper to Lower Intake Manifold bolts 15-22 Lbs.-Ft.

Throttle Body to Upper Intake 12-18 Lbs.-Ft.

Air Bypass Valve to Throttle Body 71-105 Lbs.-In.

Throttle Position Sensor to Throttle Body 14-16 Lbs.-In.

Fuel Pressure Regulator to Fuel Rail Assembly 70-105 Lbs.-In.

Fuel Rail Assembly to Intake Manifold 70-105 Lbs.-In.

Throttle Cable Bracket to Manifold 8-10 Lbs.-Ft.

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Re: bolt specs

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