2005+ Bassani xpipe, Shaker 1000 subwoofer/amps, front cover

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2005+ Bassani xpipe, Shaker 1000 subwoofer/amps, front cover

Post by Boss281 on Fri Mar 14, 2008 11:21 am

The following for 2005+ S197s:

UPDATED March 17

*SOLD*1. Bassani o/r x-pipe: used for 2 years on my 2005, just pulled off for longtubes and another midepipe. This is the modular, SS version with the off road section (ONLY, no cats). $100.00+ shipping.

2. Shaker 1000 subwoofer and amps: pulled from my 2005's trunk as I never used it when playing music. You'll need a Shaker 1000 head unit, harness and mounts and all that which I'm keeping in case I get an aftermarket unit. $250+shipping, but prefer somebody local as they're heavy and will be $$ to ship UPS ($1000 option in 2005).

3. Ford Brand Front End Cover: bought this to protect the paint on the 2005 prior to a long trip, and said screw it when it started to pour just before we left. It's been in the original box ever since. Cost $115, sell for $65+shipping.

Paypal or money order is fine. I'm buying appropriately sized boxes for #1 and #2 above tomorrow, and should have shipping estimates when you need them.


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Re: 2005+ Bassani xpipe, Shaker 1000 subwoofer/amps, front cover

Post by Droptop306 on Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:37 pm

Hey hit up Tinshield on the Shaker 1000 he might be interested and he is local

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