small block fords

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small block fords

Post by 250mav on Fri Mar 07, 2008 5:43 pm

i run into this so much but just so you guys all know a ford 302 is a totally diffrent engine then a BOSS 302. you just cant tack the word boss in front of 302 and be right.

you see guys on craigslist trying to sell some beater truck with a "boss 302", yea right...

boss 302's were only avaliable STOCK between 69-71 mustangs and cougars and they only were mated to manual transmissions.
a Boss 302 is essentially a 4 bolt 302 windsor block with clevland heads. they rev like 9,000 rpm and were used in road racing. not really much better then a well build 302 on the 1/4 though

another thing i run into alot is people who believe a ford 5.0 is some mythical musle car engine. its really not. its just a 302 but expressed in litres instead of cubic inches. 5.0L=302 cubic inches. theyre a dime a dozen. they were just shoved into pretty much all v8 fords throughout the 80-90's the 5.0 HO can be said to be the only exception. it came in GT mustangs and was built a little stronger with forged pistons and made more power. the basic 302 block has been around since the early 60's. in '83 they switched to roller cams and EFI

alot of confusion and mis conceptions circle around the ford 289 as well. 289's and 302's use the exact same block. the bore is the same between the two. they just adjusted displacment by using a crank and rod set up with a diffrent stroke. so basically a 302 is just a 289 with a stroker crank. 64 or 65 is also the last year for the 289. alot of people talk about having 70's mustangs with factory 289's which is impossible. some early 289's have a diffrent bellhousing bolt pattern but its nothing signifigent

i just thought i'd put this out there

i dont pretend to be a ford expert but there are guys who do that will totally disagree with what i just wrote. i visit diffrent ford sites and i have people staright up try to tell me things that are dead wrong about all that.

feel free to add. im sure theyre are some guys here who know alot more then me lol. im an oldsmobile guy myself believe it or not Laughing

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Re: small block fords

Post by mjr46 on Sat Jul 19, 2008 5:41 pm

I don't disagree wholly with what you wrote but you do have some misinformation in the post that I will address.. not all just some cause then my post would be way to long.. for 1 83 was not first year of efi nor was it the first year of the roller cam in a 5.0 h.0.......some will claim their 84 gt-350 had a roller cam factory stock but we'll leave that up to speculation....85 was the first year of the roller cam in the 5.0 h.0 and was in the carbed version not the cfi 85's either as for efi 84 was the first year of efi/cfi on the 5.0 and came in auto equiped 5.0's only and in 86 begun the sefi that most deem the begining of the fuel injected world for the 5.0....oh and 64 or 65 was not the last year of the 289 67 technically was and left over production carried over into 68 when the life of the 302 was born and the 5.0 h.o's weren't just in mustang gt's...came in lx's too and lincoln mark 7's and 8's hope this helps all out and clears up some of the misinfo in the above post :king:


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